Rilukkuma (リラックマ) Peanut Butter Cake


This is my second time making Rilukkuma-themed cake. The first one can be found in this post

The sugar model cake toppers were made 2 days in advance to ensure adequate time for it to dry. Cocktail sticks were inserted in each bear to serve as the bears' "spines." The eyes and mouths were diluted gel paste coloring, drawn with drawing brush. (Yes, I was very nervous when doing it.)


The cake itself is 2 lbs. peanut butter cake, Martha's recipe.

The 'spilt water' is made from blue fondant. I decided to leave the side of the cake naked because the color of the peanut butter buttercream itself, plus the vertical stoke by spatula, could resemble wooden bathtub. It turn out to be my lucky choice because I just realized after the cake is frosted that the cake was so soft, a bit too soft, and high ratio of peanut butter in the frosting made it melt too easily. It would be difficult to hold a shape for fondant covering.

Anyhow, everyone was so excited with the cuteness of the characters. More importantly, the cake itself was very delicious too! It was a true crowd pleasure. Thanks again to Martha's recipe -- always reliable.

To see my first Rilukkuma cake, please go to this post.

Rilakkuma Milk Chocolate Cake

Updated on May 2012:

The cupcake version of this peanut butter cake are shown in this post. You can also click on the link on that page for the recipe. 

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