Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

Though not a big fan of chocolate mint, I couldn't resist the color of its minty green frosting. Too cute. Thus, Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake was the first recipe I baked after I'd got the recipe book by Cupcake Carousel Bakery.

In the first time, the cupcakes were too bitter. So in the second round, I adjusted the amount of both cocoa powder and sugar. I also added some chocolate chips (i.e. my baking life-saver) into the cake batter, but you can save them to sprinkle on the frosting, or even put them in both places!

The frosting for this original recipe is meringue-style buttercream. The egg white in the recipe, known to give smoother texture, is not fully cooked which might not suitable for those who are allergic. In that case, you can substitue with an alternative given at the end of the recipe.

- - - - { Recipe } - - - -

Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake
Adapted from Cupcake Carousel Bakery's recipe
Yield: 18 cupcakes


o   2 ½   Cup              Flour 
o   1       Cup               Cocoa Powder 
o   3        Cup             Sugar 
o   2 ½    tsp               Baking Soda 
o   1 ¼    tsp               Baking Powder 
o   1 ¼    tsp               Salt 
o   2 eggs 
o   1 yolk 
o   1 ¼    Cup             Milk 
o   ½ Cup + 2 Table sp.          Vegetable Oil 
o   1 ¼    tsp               Vanilla 
o   1 ¼    Cup             Warm Water 
o   1        Cup             Chocolate Chips

  1. Preheat the oven at 180 C / 350 F degree. Line cupcake pan with cupcake liners.
  2. Sift together the flour, cocoa powder, sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt.
  3. Beat in the eggs, yolk, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla and warm water until JUST combined.
  4. Stir in the chocolate chips.
  5. Spoon the batter evenly into the lined cupcake pan, about ¾ each cup.
  6. Bake for approx. 20-25 minutes, until  a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
FROSTING ------------------------------------------------------------

o   4 Egg White* 
o   1 ½    Cup             Sugar 
o   1 ½    Cup             Unsalted Butter 
o   1        tsp               Peppermint extract
o   Food Coloring- Blue

  1.  Make a double-boiler for the eggs by putting a heat-proof bowl upon a pot of boiling water -- DO NOT let the bowl touch the water in the pot. Double-boil the egg white and sugar; whisk until the sugar is well dissolved, which is usually at 71 C / 160 F degree. Take out of the heat.
  2. Whisk the mixture until it reaches stiff peak. Continue whisking until it cools down and fluffy.
  3. With a wooden spoon, beat in the butter gradually, 1-2 tablespoon at a time.
  4. Add in the peppermint extract and a very few drops of blue food coloring. Stir until well mixed.
*Please note that the egg white in this recipe is partly cooked. Please consult your doctor if you have any risk to be allergic to it. Alternatively, you can substitute with other recipes here.

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