Strawberry Cupcakes

Strawberry Cupcakes

I live in tropical area. Winter is the season for strawberries. So I made some strawberry cupcakes as a 'test bake' for the upcoming Valentine's Day. The recipes are from the renowned Beverly Hills cupcakes bakery "Sprinkles Cupcakes".

After mixing, I divided the batter into 3 batches to see which kind of cake is the best with the strawberry buttercream. The three batches are: (1) plain vanilla batter, (2) strawberries stirred into the batter and (3) strawberries put into each cup, not stirred. 

During cooling the cupcakes, it's time for buttercream. The first stage is to puree strawberries in a blender. But I didn't have one <sob.. sob>. So I just chopped them up with a chef knife. I found this was the most time-consuming stage for the cake.

When making buttercream, I have to confess that I ate it along the way. LOL! The smell of strawberry and beaten was toooo tempting :P And it did taste well too!

Personally, with this strawberry buttercream, I preferred the plain vanilla cake. The strawberries chunks were a bit mushy after baking. Either stirred in or put into cupcake cups later just before baking, strawberries in batter tasted almost the same. 

After all, I think these recipes are fantastic. The buttercream and the cake tasted good on their own, and they also complimented each other. I'll make it again :)

Please see this post for recipes. 

Rosette Strawberry Buttercream upon Vanilla Cupcakes

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